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Data Management has a new product: EZ Gift Checks


Contact: Mary Ann Clerkin
Data Management, Inc.

Farmington, Connecticut (July 16, 2007) – How can affiliated small businesses provide more member value and capture more dollars from local customers?  Chambers of commerce, malls, town centers, universities and other business groups are turning to the affordable, non-electronic gift certificate system, the EZ Gift Check™.

EZ Gift Check™ is a multi-site and/or multi-merchant gift certificate system available to any business through a standard bank checking account.  The certificates work like cash.  Customers can buy the certificates at the business group’s headquarters or at any member’s store, and redeem them at any other member’s store.  With all the right bank routing information, the certificates are actually bank checks.  Merchants accepting them simply endorse the checks and deposit them like any bank check.

This simple system encourages shoppers to spend locally.  Customers of one member can become customers for other members.  And the certificates give shoppers the gift of choice – they can choose among the entire variety of member products and services.

EZ Gift Checks™ play into the already huge and growing trend of gift cards and certificates. Gift cards alone account for more than $35 billion of annual spending and have become the second most popular consumer gift (after clothes).

Other advantages of the EZ Gift Check™ system include:

  • Helping preserve independent businesses
  • Providing free gift certificate promotion including signs and decals
  • Building shopper traffic
  • Helping build common purpose among members
  • Providing valuable member benefits
  • Distinguishing members from non-members

Single businesses with multiple sites can also use EZ Gift Checks™ to boost sales among the more than 66% of consumers who look forward to receiving gift cards or certificates. The gift checks are customized with the business or association’s name and logo or other information and are redeemable at any bank.  Two different promotion kits (one for the chamber or alliance; one for the individual member stores) make getting the word out about the gift checks simple.  Record keeping is also easy via the included record keeping book.  There are no fees or special equipment to buy.  For as little as $199, small businesses gain a gift certificate program that competes with the much more expensive programs offered by large national retailers, restaurants, and service businesses.

Asked about the creation of EZ Gift Checks™, Data Management President Dan Hincks says, “Many of our best ideas come from our customers.  They like our products and ask for variations.  Small businesses began requesting an inexpensive, non-electronic gift certificate program that would work for multiple locations or multiple businesses.  They’ve responded very positively to our answer: EZ Gift Checks™.”

About Data Management, Inc.
Data Management, Inc. is a designer, manufacturer and marketer of specialized record-keeping products.  Founded in 1961, the company provides solutions that generate revenue for small businesses, save time and money, and reduce paperwork.  The company’s Gift Central division produces gift certificates and gift cards, offers short print runs, customizes, and fulfills most orders in a matter of days to thousands of clients nationwide.  The company is located in Farmington, Connecticut and on the web at and

Media Interviews
The creators of the EZ Gift Check™ system are available for phone or electronic interviews on a limited basis.  Call Mary Ann Clerkin at 860.677.8586 x 330 to arrange