Complete Logo Guidelines

Art specifications for ďUploadingĒ a logo to see your
artwork/image on a Gift Card or Gift Certificate

Your logo must be one of the following file extensions: 
∑ Vector Artwork is your best option when sending one or multi colored images
*If your logo is not one of the following extensions, you will receive an error message when you try to ďUploadĒ and your logo will not display on the card or certificate. 

∑ 300 DPI (dots per inch) or higher

Art specifications for the printing of a logo
These are the requirements of Data Management for the printing of your logo on a Gift Card or Gift Certificate. 

∑ PC based
∑ MAC based

∑ 300 DPI (dots per inch) or higher

Camera Ready
∑ When sending camera-ready artwork, please be sure that the image is clean without tape, staples, folds, or metallic ink within the boundaries.  Make sure the image is on smooth, untextured paper.  No pixilated (fuzzy, low resolution) or dirty (needs to be touched up) images.  Faxed images are not acceptable.

∑ Actual placement size or larger is preferred

What software package was your image created in?
- Illustrator CS-CS4
- Photo Shop CS-CS4
- Corel Draw 7.0           
- Quark Xpress  - Please send composite eps files instead of quark filesand outline all text
- Page Maker 6.5
- InDesign CS4
- Tiff and jpg files should be 300 dpi or better at the imprint size or bigger           

- E-mail - you may send non-compressed files up to 9  MB. Files over 9 MB can be compressed using Aladins Expandable Stuff-it or Winzip programs

- Fonts- All vector art should have fonts/text outlined. PMS colors should be supplied even when embedded in the art files.

* Please note our Design Team needs to approve all artwork before we can proceed with an order