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Question: Is my order guaranteed?
Answer: Yes! Our 100% satisfaction guarantee states: “If you are not completely satisfied with any Gift Certificate Central product for any reason, simply return it within 90 days from receipt for a full credit, refund, or replacement.”
Question: What is the best way to reach your company?
Answer: We can be reached by phone 1-800-283-1695, fax 1-800-428-1951, email, or by clicking the “Contact Us” button in the blue navigation bar along the top of your screen.
Question: Do I have to prepay for my online order with a credit card?
Answer: Yes. We accept MasterCard, Visa, and American Express
Question: Can I have more than four lines of imprinting on my Gift Certificate Central product?
Answer: Yes. Many customers add items such as “No cash value,” “Not responsible for lost or stolen gift certificates,” and, for service businesses, “May not be used toward gratuity.” Other customers add their logo, their web address, or even a line of advertising. Call for prices.
Question: Are there more font types available than the 4 listed on your order form?
Answer: Yes. Gift Certificate Central can match any PC-based font style. The ones listed on the order form seem to be popular fonts. Simply let your sales representative know which typestyle you wish to have and we will proof your design.
Question: What are my options and costs for customizing my gift cards and gift certificates?
Answer: Gift Cards can have printing on the front and/or back of the card. We have the ability to add bar coding or a magnetic stripe if the conventional EZ Gift Card program isn’t perfect for you. We are also able to imprint colors other than black. Red, Blue, Green, Metallic Gold, and Metallic Silver can be used for text and logo imprints. Should none of our 35 designs suit your business, we can customize a card from scratch with your complete artwork. Please call us for a quote on any of the above because the costs for the extra services are not outlined on the web and are determined on a case-by-case basis.

As for Gift Certificates, you can make changes to our existing designs (for example, by changing the color or adding your logo) or create a gift certificate from scratch (using our designers or your own). For pricing, the best thing to do is to contact us through our web site or call toll free 1-800-283-1695 to discuss options and request a free quote.
Question: Can I start my consecutive numbering with any number?
Answer: Yes, up to seven digits, if needed. If you reorder without specifying the starting number, we will assume you want to start where your last gift card or gift certificate left off. But you can request any starting number at any time. Another option: Some customers with multiple facilities have a different imprint for each location and add a corresponding prefix to their consecutive numbering for easier identification and tracking.
Question: How may I submit my logo?
Answer: The quality of the art received plays a big part in determining the quality of the final product. Black-and-white camera-ready artwork (1 to 3 colors, no tints) or digital files (1 to 4-color process) work best. Camera-ready: solid black image on smooth, white paper, printed at a resolution of 300 dpi or better, no smaller than the expected reproduction size. Digitally: For PCs, Corel Draw up to 7.0; for the Mac, Illustrator up to 11.0, Photo Paint up to 7.0, or PhotoShop up to 11.0. We accept EPS and TIFF files from either platform. Use floppy disks (up to 2 MB), zip disks (up to 100 MB), CDs and email attachments (non-compressed okay for under 2 MB, “stuffed” for over 2 MB). Faxes are not acceptable. We reserve the right to reject art that we believe will not reproduce properly. For best results, contact us or call toll free 1-800-283-1695 before sending custom art.
Question: Will I see a proof of my gift card and/or gift certificate before it’s printed?
Answer: Before printing your order we will fax or email a proof if you request one or if we have any questions. There is no charge for this unless you request to see a proof more than twice for the same order. All custom cards or certificates require customer pre-approval.
Question: Can I get my gift card or gift certificate with preprinted denominations, like $25 and $50?
Answer: Absolutely. Contact us for a quote.
Question: Can I order multiple gift cards within the same quantity?
Answer: Yes. EZ Gift Cards can be ordered in multiple styles or multiple denominations under the same quantity umbrella. We call this our VARIETY PACK. The variety pack is available for purchase online or by calling 1-800-283-1695.
Question: What is the thickness of your paper and plastic cards?
Answer: Plastic cards are 30 mils thick, exactly like most credit cards. The paper cards are 15-point coated card stock, like postcards.
Question: Can your EZ Gift Cards be used with a POS Terminal?
Answer: Our standard EZ Gift Cards are part of a manual gift card program and don’t require electronic terminals. However, we can imprint and encode a magnetic stripe on each card if you require an electronic system. Please call for a quote on this process.
Question: How do I use the Security Labels?
Answer: Take one sheet with its attached duplicate record and place it in the clipboard. Don’t use more than one sheet at a time. The first sheet will come on the clipboard ready to use. Be sure to use a ballpoint pen and press firmly when filling out a label. The duplicate image will darken after a few minutes. Keep your security labels locked away. Your EZ Gift Cards aren’t activated until you place a security label on the back of a card. Only at that point will the card have a value.
Question: Why do I receive extra Security Labels for my EZ Gift Cards?
Answer: Extra security labels are included in case of a partial redemption. If a customer has a gift card for $50 and spends only $32 on the first visit, you may not want to give the remaining cash back. If so, fill out a new security label for the remaining balance (in this case, $18) with the “PR” box checked off. “PR” stands for “Partial Redemption,” which tells you not to expect that money ($18) in the register at the end of the day. This is a more cost-effective solution than issuing a new card. Extra labels are also included in case you make a mistake filling out a label.

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