Data Management Inc.

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Founded in 1961, Data Management, Inc. is a customer-focused developer of specialized business forms and systems that help organizations achieve their best results. Our flagship product line, THRESHOLD, provides “security you can see,” with visitor management products that show who is authorized to be in your facility — and who is not. Self-expiring visitor badges change color overnight, so they can’t be reused. eVisitor, our robust yet simple visitor management software, makes it easy to sign in visitors by keyboard or driver's license reader, take a photo, print a badge, keep a visitor log, and issue reports.

Businesses, medical facilities, schools, retailers, restaurants, government services, and more use DMI products to create, document, and analyze their critical records in ways that save them time, improve their effectiveness, promote their business, and improve security.

Our PASSION Statement:
We make Great Impressions
on our Customers
by Producing
High-Value, Innovative Solutions
that Make a Difference.

We are located in Farmington, Connecticut.

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